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Since the age of 5 years old, drums have been the focus of my entire life. Being as they say , a "natural" at the drums, by age of 8 I found a drum set of my own and could play any song on the radio. Joining marching band helped my discipline and timing,but nothing will ever prepare you for being in the only live rock band in your home town. Only one word comes to mind...ROCKSTAR!!

Flash forward 20 years and the entire world is at a stand still. No bands are playing because of the virus that is spreading across the land. Sad times. I hope to update you with good news.

Past Bands


Rise of Pariah [Live] 2016
Carry the Day 2008
Compulsive Disorder [EP] 2000
Mama Smash 1993
Other sounds 1999-2020
Rise of Pariah [Live] 2016
Available on
  • Charlottes
  • XVI
  • Mount Olympus
  • Y.A.F.P.
  • Bonehound
Carry The Day 2008
Available on
  • Deeper
  • M.O.A. My Own Accord
  • Mad Design
  • Fuel From The Future
  • Farewell Song
Compulsive Disorder [EP] 2000
Available on
  • Found A Gun
  • Mess Your Flesh
  • Bad Day
  • Upperlight
  • Black Glass
Mama Smash 1993
Available on
  • Girls Like You
  • Planet Zee
  • Way The Wind Blows
  • Psyco Insane
  • Walking The Dog
ORIGINAL MUSIC mixed years
Available on
  • 1 - Antix (band)
  • 2 - Society's Finest (band)
  • 3 - BMT (live music)
  • 4 - BMT (live music)
  • 5 - Drum Solo



31 april 2020
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05 feb 2020
Trump.Red Domain update
12 mar 2020
27 apr 2020
DontGiveA.Com New Page Design
08 may 2020
Crovids.Com Homemade Mini Series
14 jun 2020
City.Gr.COM Updating
28 jul 2020
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